"If you want to do well but aren’t it isn’t because you aren’t meant to. It is because you can’t fix what you can’t see."


Do you ever wonder why some people overcome certain life experiences only to come out better, stronger, and more determined to succeed and why some people go the other way?

The first 14 years of my life were marked by dysfunction in the form of physical abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, moving to a new school almost every year, and living with hand-me-downs and off of welfare and minimum wage jobs. I am the oldest of three other siblings, and I played the role of co-parent to my youngest. I grew up quick to say the least. But, as many will tell you I was always that way. Something in me has always driven me to succeed and be the best I can be.

I graduated high school the top 30% of my class making Honour Roll several times throughout my time there. Later in my early 20’s I went on to complete a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major and minor in accounting. After university I went on to continue my learning by working towards an accounting designation. I loved learning from a young age. If I wasn’t asking “why” or “how” I had my nose in a book. People of all walks of life gravitated towards me from early on in my life. I was ten years old and giving adults advice on how to solve their life troubles. It was natural for me to help and to want to help others.

My gifts as an intuitive and medium began when I was ten. I would know and sense things before they happened, and I could see and hear things that others couldn’t. For me this was mostly normal because I come from a line of very psychic and intuitive women. So, naturally my curiosity was piqued when I started to realize there was a bit more beyond the physical. As the years went by I tried to “turn-off” my gifts for the sake of feeling “normal” and not experiencing some of things that I would see and feel. But, life has a way of leading you back to where you are meant to be. And this is exactly what happened when I was 26.

I ended a significant relationship and lost my first real career job since graduating university all in the same 24 hours. Talk about hard-knock lessons. They were things I knew needed to change and be released, but things I had been afraid to let go of. When your world is quite literally turned upside down there is often this deep desire to understand “why?” Why this? Why now? And this questioning led me to discovering the Law of Attraction and developing my own gifts as an intuitive and medium. It led me to understanding the gifts I have.

After a few years of working in public practice and industry I realized my place was not working for someone else. And after a couple of hard bumps I “accidentally” became self-employed as a Bookkeeper and Accountant for small businesses. This is where my passion opened back up. I love working with people who have decided to go after their passions and who have the drive and determination to succeed. As someone who is intuitive and has the background and education working with small businesses and numbers I have the ability to help people see what they don’t see. I see more than numbers; I can feel what will help people grow their business more. Because of my childhood I understand human psychology – I understand what and why people do what they do. This applies to business. It applies in the sense that I have an understanding of “if you do x then you will get y.” That’s also where my love for and understanding of numbers applies.

My intuition helps me see what beliefs and what decisions hold someone back from all areas in their life. But, my passion lies in helping people succeed financially. Let’s face it: we live in a material world and money is our currency. We deserve to have the financial wealth that we want, but most of us don’t know how to achieve it. We want it, but something holds us back. That’s where I come in. My education, experience in life and business, and acute intuitive ability help people identify what is holding them back from getting where they want to be. I understand numbers and business, but I also understand human psychology. When we work together I will be combining my knowledge with my gifts to see what is holding you back and give you the tools to overcome those obstacles. If you want to do well but aren’t it isn’t because you aren’t meant to. It is because you can’t fix what you can’t see.

I look forward to helping you get where you want to be.


xx Stephanie-Dawn Toews